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Fanwood Cultural Arts Performance Series

Mayor Colleen Mahr and
The Fanwood Arts Council Present
The Fanwood Performance Series 2012 Fall Performances
October 13: Eric Harrison and Roia Rafieyan

Eric Harrison Eric is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Since 1990 He has released eight albums on his own label. His two most obvious influences are his two biggest heroes, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello. The spirits of Loudon Wainwright, John Hiatt, Paul Westerberg and even Leonard Cohen have been known to creep into the studio as well.

Twenty years of performing in packed clubs and empty coffee houses alike have molded Eric into an exciting live performer with a sense of humility and humor rarely seen in the crowded field of (over-) sensitive singer-songwriters. Please check out his web site for much more information at Eric's Web Site.

Roia Rafieyan Roia Rafieyan ( has the vocal stylings of a Carole King or a Joni Mitchell and the quirky songwriting style of a Christine Lavin or a Dar Williams. Despite her kvetching while at the microphone (it's all part of the act), she is a beacon of positive energy in a bleak world. Roia has learned a valuable lesson in life: If you can't laugh at yourself, then for God's sake pay a therapist until you can, because you ought to be able to by now!

Roia's music springs mostly from her work as a music therapist. Her passion for her work is reflected in her lyrics and point of view as a songwriter. She is a strong advocate for those who cannot always speak for themselves. Literally. Because her job is based so much on attitudes, emotions, and reactions to different situations, is it any wonder that these are the things that come out in her music? Who can't relate to an underdog?