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 Our Sponsors

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The Union County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs promotes and develops public interest and participation in the arts and local, county and state history, and ensures that all residents have the opportunity to share in and benefit from the rich multi-cultural arts, history and historic resources in Union County. The Fanwood Performance Series has received the Union Count Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs H.E.A.R.T. grant for a number of years which has been instrumental in allowing the series to present nationally acclaimed musician/songwriters, as well as professional groups of Jazz, CLassical, Blues, Folk, and Americana artists. We are extremely greatfull for this support!

Our newest sponsor is the Houdini Pizza Lab on South avenue next to the Shovlin Mattress Factory. The Houdini Pizza Lab is the brainchild of over 60 years of combined experience in the art of hospitality. They believe that a sublime meal comes from a delicate balance of preparation, freehanded naturalism, and using the finest ingredients available. Houidini's is generously donating gourmet wood fired pizza, what a treat!

We are lucky to have delicious Coffee provided by Ahrre's Coffee Roastery in Westfield and Summit! Ahrre's has graciously offered to donate both decaf and regular coffee, as well as train our vollunteers how to brew and dispense their carefully roasted coffee correctly! We will be brewing up Ahrre's delicious coffees and offering it to you in our insulated dispensers!


Nicks Deli and Pizza continues to be a big supporter of our series and will periodically add some of their favorite appetizers and pizza samples to our intermission food table. They are famous for thier New York Style large slices and delicious garlic knots....

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