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Our History

In 2008, David Blechinger, a long time Fanwood resident and member of the the Fanwood Arts Council,  presented the concept of a music series to our Mayor, Colleen Mahr.  Mayor Mahr thought it a fabulous idea and, with her goal to enhance the arts and cultural alternatives in the Fanwood community, approved David's plan.  In April of 2009, the Fanwood Peformance Series presented its first show at the Patricia M. Kuran Cultural Arts Center; locally know as the "Old Carriage House." 

The Fanwood Performance Series has continued through the years (with just a few missed show dates during the Covid19 pandemic). It is organized and run by an all-volunteer subcommittee of the Fanwood Arts Council.

Current subcommittee members are:
Dan Murphy     Julie Murphy
Lorne Graham     Susan Graham
Rob Colonna Jr.     Jerry Lamagna

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